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From the Archives

Oxford, Ohio and Miami University, Then and Now

In From the Archives, Scott Allison revisits historic locations around Oxford, Ohio and Miami University. In the early 20th century, a well-known photographer in the area named Frank R. Snyder (1875-1958) took thousands of photos of the area, documenting and preserving it for future generations. Allison recreates select images from Snyder’s collection and shows the old side-by-side with the new, documenting the change that has occurred for over 100 years.

Take a look at that old building around the corner. Can you imagine the story that it could tell? If only the walls around here could talk. They would tell you of log cabins on High Street, the Underground Railroad, World War 1 armistice celebrations, local business owners long gone and forgotten. They would tell you stories of "old Miami, new Miami, days of old and days to be."